Generic Offset Turning with Spreadsheet

The Generic Offset Turning Design Tool is an Excel spreadsheet that provides anyone the ability to define multiple offset turning axis points on any sized round or rectangular blank and then easily experiment on the computer with what kinds of design cuts can be made using those offset turning points. Up to 16 different turning axis points can be defined and up to 24 different cuts can be prototyped. The designs can be saved and/or printed for use at the lathe. The tool can issue warnings if any offset turning points are too close to the edge of the blank or if the blank will hit the lathe bed during turning. An Instructions tab in the spreadsheet provides basic information on using the spreadsheet and for setting up the offset turning points on a blank. Download the File: Generic-Offset-Turning-Design-Tool-v1.0

Joyner Pendant Jig with Spreadsheets

Free Excel spreadsheets allows anyone who owns a Richard Joyner Offset Pendant Chuck to quickly prototype different kinds of designs using their Joyner offset chuck. One spreadsheet is for the original 8-hole Joyner chuck and one spreadsheet is for the newer 10-hole Joyner chuck. Up to 24 different design cuts can be prototyped at one time using any offset hole and index position combination for each cut. Designs can be saved and/or printed for use at the lathe. An Instructions tab in each spreadsheet provides basic information on using the spreadsheet. A separate Pendant Jig Instructions .pdf file provides more detailed instructions, examples, and tips for using the spreadsheets and chucks. Download the Files:
Pendant Jig Instructions

Pen Blank Finishing

Download the File: Finishing Wood Pen Blanks

Laminating Demo

Download the File by Bill Kloepping: Laminating Demo

Segmented Bowl Info

Download the File by Bob Larson: Segmented Bowl Instructions

Tips To Turning Toys

Download the File: Tips To Turning Toys

Sit Down Lathe

Sit Down Lathe Available Files for Download: Set Down Lathe Assembly Instructions Set Down Lathe Materials List Set Down CAD Drawings

Inside Outside Christmas Ornament

Download the File: Inside Outside Christmas Ornament

Turning Wooden Bangle Bracelets

Download the File: Turning Wooden Bangles

Log To Turned Objects

Download the File: Log To Turned Objects

Captive System for 10" Lathe

Download the File: Captive System for 10″ Lathe by Tom Crosby

Happy Face Laminations

Download the File: Making Happy Face Laminations